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Tulum Akumal activities are ideal for all family members staying for a vacation in this beautiful destination.

If you want to immerse yourself in the traditional Mayan experience in Mexico, Akumal Tulum is the right palace. With a beautiful Bay that depicts the most divine biodiversity conservation, Bahia Akumal promises dreamed vacations for everyone. Located in the Riviera Maya only 55 minutes from Cancun and 15 minutes away from Tulum Ruins famous archaeological site is a must for all genuine travelers. Your vacation will be perfect if you are looking for relaxation and learning more about Mexican history, Mayan traditions and marine species.

Downtown Tulum is a little cozy city that conquers every visitor. The "hotel zone" of boutique hotels on the Tulum beach has grown to over 40 small hotels, most of them cabañas built in the traditional Maya style with thatched palm roofs, and a few restaurants and beach clubs.

Definitely one of the best attractions of the area, as the city is only one mile far from the sea. The Bay geography is always in contrast with the warm Caribbean Sea environment.

There are many golf courses in the area most of them professional 18 holes Spanish Arab type within the hotels and restaurant of the region.

Tulum Akumal is basically for relaxing, not for an explosive nightlife. You will find bars, or coffee or ice cream shops where you can have nice moments just letting the time slowly go by.

Riviera Maya offers different activities for the adventurer travelers. You will enjoy jungle tours, ATV's or horse rides, snorkeling and diving. It is the ideal place for an encounter with nature.

Yal Ku Lagoon
Privately owned, (entrance fee charged) to the north is a paradise for the best snorkel; an area where fresh water percolating through ground limestone meets salt water and creates nutrient-rich habitat for marine life, making it one of the most interesting places to visit.

The beaches to the north and south are endangered Green Sea Turtle habitat. The Ecological Centre Akumal (ECA) educates residents and visitors about habitat preservation.

Pablo Bush's family
The Bush/Wolfe family still owns a large portion of Akumal, including the largest resort/hotel Hotel Club Akumal Caribe. Akumal is also home to ONDARTE International Artist Residency.

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