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Working Agreement | dtraveller Affiliates

dtraveller thanks your invaluable trust and interest in selling our products and services. We are glad to offer you the benefits of our exclusive Affiliate Program. Our “program” allows travel agencies to earn commissions for selling our programs:

  • Booking through our Call Center or your website  through our Linking Program (microsite).

  • Commissions
    With the purpose of establishing a formal working agreement we offer to your valued company the following commissions (annex 1)

    The commission initially offered will depend on the sales production of the services requested to dtraveller and the companies included in this agreement. dtraveller reserves the right of changing the indicated percentage at any time when we consider applicable.

    Booking Procedure
    The affiliate can request our services through the following options:

    • 1. Through our Call Center.
      All the reservations can be received through our Call Center by chat, email or by phone with free line from USA 1 866 3935 158, Mexico 01 800 727 5391, from Canada 1 866 7931 905 available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 20:00 hrs, and weekends from 9:00 to 19:00 hrs. / Central Standard Time (CST).
      When you call us it will be necessary to identify yourself with the name of your company or mention your registration number (it will be send it to you by email), then the sales executive will assist you with the booking procedure.
      Once we have made the charge of the requested bookings, you will receive by email the confirmation letter of the services booked.

    • 2. Through the Control Panel or the Linking Program.
      Dtraveller is responsible for providing the link(s) HTML that have your registration number and which can be placed in your website in order to record all the sales generated through these links, and this way we can honor you the corresponding commissions.

      Before booking, the client/user will check availability of the selected program on real time.
      After that, the client/user will enter the credit card information in order to pay the total amount of the purchase. Once the system has charged the credit card it will automatically send to our mutual client and affiliate the confirmation letter by email.

    Reservations Payment
    All the reservations must be paid at the moment of the request and/or transaction through the following options

    • Credit Card – we will charge the total amount of the purchase on the client’s credit card.
    • Corporate Credit Card – we will charge the corresponding net rate for the reservation on the corporate credit card of your company, automatically deducting the commission assigned to the product/purchase.
    • Bank Deposit/Wire Transfer – we will receive by email and/or fax a copy of the bank deposit and/or wire transfer for the net amount of the purchase and/or reservation maximum 48 hours after the booking request. This option does not apply for purchases/reservations requested between the 48 hours previous to the program date, nor reservations generated through the HTML links identified with your registration number.

    Information for bank deposit/wire transfer:

    BankAccountRounting / ABA NumberCurrency
    BANORTE00546445121072 691 00546445121 3Pesos
    BANORTE00545365893072 691 00545365893 3Dollars

    Note: Please send a copy of the bank deposit or wire transfer by email to

    Commissions Payment

    Your company/our affiliates will earn commissions for all the reservations requested through our Call Center or for each successful transaction generated through the HTML links identified with your registration number, as long as this agreement lasts and if the total amount corresponding to the reservations requested has been paid.

    The review of the commissions will be done every month and it will include the programs carried out during the corresponding month.

    The commissions’ payment will be done by wire transfer 15 days after we receive, by email the invoice for the commissions of programs carried out. The wire transfer will be done to the account number that you register on your application, any change in this informacion should be informed by email.

    Information for the Invoice:
    Name: Viajero Cibernético S.A. de C.V.
    RFC: VCI 070531 CZ7

    Your commission to pay will be based in the reports that you can get from the Affiliate Control Panel.

    All the affiliate members that sign this agreement and are approved will receive a password in order to access the Affiliate Control Panel, located in

    For affiliates that decide to deduct the commission at the moment of making the reservation, paying with corporate credit card or bank deposit/wire transfer, please note that in case a reservation is cancelled and subject to a refund, from the total to refund we will deduct the amount corresponding to your affiliate commission and the bank commission for the refund (10% of the total paid for the services).

    Cancellation Policies

    • No refund applies for cancellations requested 4 days prior to the program date.
    • All our programs work with sun or rain, therefore no refund applies for bad weather, unless dtraveller decides to cancel any program.
    • Any change is subject to availability.
    • All the refunds, due to reduction in the number of participants, due to the cancellation of a reservation, or any other reason, are subject to a 10% bank transaction fee from the total amount paid for the services.
    • If the client’s cruise ship is diverted or delayed for any reason, causing they miss their program, the client can receive a 90% refund, as long as we receive, by fax or email, a copy of the letter (with logo) issued by the cruise line confirming the incident. That information will be subject to verification with the cruise line.

    All this under the terms and conditions set out below. Please read these terms and conditions. By checking the box you will find below to accept the terms and conditions, the travel agency he represents shows its agreement to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement for participation in the Program, which shall be subject at all times to this Agreement.

    This Agreement is effective on the date on which dtraveller's delivery mail approval with your membership number in accordance with the Contract (as described below) by and between Traveller Cybernetic SA de CV, residing in SM 13 Mzna. 1 Lot 8 Calle Acanceh Esq. Banco Chinchorro, Cancun 77504 ("dtraveller"), and the travel agency you represent, whose data has provided dtraveller through this website by completing the application form for the same ("Affiliate"). You can access this Agreement through your Control Panel.

    Terms and Conditions

    • We can modify any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement any time under our sole discretion. We will honor the reservations requested before these changes. The notification, by email or published in the control panel, about any change will be considered as a relevant announcement of the corresponding changes.
    • Changes, restrictions or cancellations will apply starting from the first hour of the next day that we sent and you received the notification, or from the date indicated in the notice.
    • dtraveller reserves the right to restrict or cancel the sale of our services and products without previous notice and authorization.
    • Any promotion or discount published in does not apply to the affiliates or companies that receive commissions unless we have authorized your request or promotion.
    • For security reasons and with no exceptions, pregnant women are not allowed in any of our aquatic programs.
    • For reservations of clients with special needs please contact us before you book. These reservations will be done only on request and are subject to the authorization of the location manager.
    • You accept that all our rules, policies and operating procedures related with clients requests, customer service and reservations, will apply to all the reservations generated through the HTML links or the Call Center.
    • We could, under our sole discretion, change our policies and operating procedures.
    • dtraveller doesn’t allow to publish the net rates authorized in any electronic and/or printed media.
    • dtraveller doesn’t allow to publish in any electronic and/or printed media lower rates than the ones published in
    • The reservations generated through our Call Center will be confirmed by email by the sales executive that made the reservation.

    Term of Agreement

    This agreement will become effective after receiving this document properly signed and it will be terminated when any party decides to end it. Any party can cancel this agreement: (a) with a reason, sending written notification to the other party and (b) without any specific reason, sending written notification to the other party with at least seven (7) days of anticipation. The written notification can be by email, regular mail or fax.

    Annex 1



    dtraveller pay Affiliate commissions on trades the Customer to give effect or execute ("Executed Transactions") during the term of this Agreement.

    Commissions will be paid regarding Executed Operations:

    1.1 Dolphin Discovery Programs: Swim with dolphins, sea lions and Encounter Manatee and Garrafon Park. Dtraveller shall pay the Affiliate twenty five percent (25%) of the total amount paid by the customer per transaction.

    1.2 Programs Marina Aquatours: Columbus and the Lobster dinner Jungle tour. dtraveller shall pay the Affiliate twenty percent (20%) of the total amount paid by the customer per transaction.

    1.3 Programs Ocean Riders - Dolphin Discovery: Whale Watching San Jose and San Lucas in Los Cabos. dtraveller shall pay the Affiliate twenty percent (20%) of the total amount paid by the customer per transaction.

    1.4 Other tours. dtraveller pay Affiliate twelve percent (12%) of the total amount paid by the customer per transaction.


    2.1 You acknowledge and agree that the following terms shall apply to the calculation of commissions.

    2.2 The corresponding Commissions will be paid to the Affiliate only when the member carries out a transaction on behalf of a client.

    2.3 Commissions will not be generated by the Affiliate Transactions in which has not mention your membership number or not the reservation is made through the links of your Control Panel.

    2.4 Commissions will not be paid if canceled reservations or who have not paid.


    3.1 You acknowledge and agree that dtraveller may at any time, in its sole discretion and without the need for additional consent Affiliate Commissions modify stipulated in Clause 1 of this Schedule 1. If dtraveller make any changes, will notify in writing the Affiliate (such notice may be by email). If dtraveller performs this notification, the new rates will be effective from the commissions from the first day of the next calendar month following the month in which such notice dtraveller performed.

    Terms & conditions

    (Agreement) The agreement may suffer modifications.