Chichen Itza Light and Sound ShowCancun
Cancun - Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show
Adult: $199
Kids: $145

 13 hours



Schedules Friday
Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show
09:00 AM
Duration of Program

 13 hours

Gallery Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show
Gallery Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show


Cancun - Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show

 Your Chichen Itza Experience begins by picking you up in our luxurious Mercedes Benz, between 9:00 am to 10:00 am from the lobbies of all Cancun and Riviera Maya hotels. Upon arrival, we will go to the Cenote Ik Kil where you may take a nice swim and relax. We will then go to the Mayaland Hotel to enjoy a delicious buffet lunch with fresh salads, soups, rice, meat, chicken, fish, vegetables and regional dishes. Lunch includes two drinks: beer, soda or bottled water.

After lunch at the Mayaland Hotel, you will be accompanied to your 2 hour tour of Chichen Itza by our certified guide, who will introduce you to the secrets of the Maya through the Mayalands private entrance, with a cold bottle of water for your visit. Your guide will explain the historical significance of all of the most important temples of this ancient city before leaving you to enjoy Chichen Itza at your own pace. Admire the Temple of the Warriors, The Ball Court, The Observatory, The Nunnery, and the Pyramid of Kukulkan, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.
Upon your walking return to the Mayaland Resort, we will show you how henequen, the main Yucatecan export of the 19th and 20th century, is used*. This is a hands on activity where you will be making your own handcrafted souvenirs! If you wish to relax, you may enjoy all of the amenities our resort has to offer. These include the bar, restaurants, and pools, and the Cenote Xtolok. We will then head to see the Light and Sound Show starting at 8:00pm in spring/summer and at 7:00pm in autumn/winter where you can listen** and watch a projected light show that brings the archaeological elements of the monuments to life!
You will listen to legends from the ancient Popol Vuh, sacred book of the Mayas; Watch a serpents shade descending to the ground (equinox phenomenon), listen to Mayan players at the ball court, and the many sounds of life and death blazing through this ancient city. This might be your most exciting history lesson yet! After the show you will enjoy a snack including fresh fruit, soft drinks, sandwich and sweet roll. On the way back, soft drinks and bottled water are included onboard.

Additional Info

Additional Info - Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show

 We suggest you to wear light, comfortable clothing, comfortable walking or hiking shoes, sunglasses, hat, sun block, drinking water. Bring your bathing suit for the cenotes and swimming pools as well.

*Henequen workshop can be changed by a corn cob leaves class depending on availability.
** At this time, only Spanish audio is available.

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Recommendations - Chichen Itza Light and Sound Show

 This activity is non-refundable or transferable.