Dolphin Royal Swim Dreams Puerto Aventuras
Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Royal Swim
Adult: $169
Kids: $89
Dreams Puerto Aventuras

Duration of program: 15 min Briefing and 60 min in the water. 



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Dolphin Royal Swim
09:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 01:00 PM, 03:00 PM
Duration of Program

Duration of program: 15 min Briefing and 60 min in the water. 

Gallery Dolphin Royal Swim
Gallery Dolphin Royal Swim


Dreams Puerto Aventuras - Dolphin Royal Swim

Dolphins Royal Swim

This is the newest dolphinarium and by far one of the most exclusive ones. It is situated in the heart of Puerto Aventuras, in an exclusive luxury resort. It is a quiet and the ideal place to relax as the only distraction you will have are the charming beaches and exotic jungle. Not only this is an exclusive and unique location in Quintana Roo, but it also has amazing facilities so you can enjoy the activities that you will be able to enjoy with the dolphins. Among these activities you can enjoy the Kayaks, a total new experience and exclusively at this location, you can have fun on the kayaks with family or friends while the dolphins play and swim all your way.

Besides, you will love the rest of the acticities like receiving a tender kiss and feel their soft skin while you hold them in your arms. We have a vast variaty of activities so you can fully interact with the dolphins like hand target, play with a ball, the clock swim where the dolphin will pull you in circles or let him teach you how to swim in the water. But the best always comes at the end, you will feel the adventure when two dolphins push your feet over the water amaze you with how fast they swim, they will give you a ride back while you hold their fins.

Do you want more? This program also includes an interaction with manatees, the sweetest animals you will have contact with; learn everything about these huge but docile and gentile aquatic mammals.

Don´t miss the experience of a lifetime!


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