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cozumel visit tips About cozumel
The Mexican island of Cozumel offers a wide variety of options when we talks about gastronomy. As the rest of the Mexican Caribbean tourist destinations, culinary delights have become one special attraction and all palates will enjoy delicious flavors in this corner of paradise. From a local plate of seafood, fish, or shrimp, a fine cut, a spicy Mexican dish, or an exquisite plate of haute cuisine in a luxury restaurant of the many resorts of the island.

A Tanzanite or Larimar precious and rare gemstone in a unique piece of jewelry is only an option you will find in Cozumel tourist destination, a paradise for shopping. Cuban cigarettes or Mexican handicrafts are good gifts for friends and beloved ones. Or perfumes and cosmetics from the finest world-famous brands at affordable duty free prices, the list does not end.

Nightlife – Hot Spots
The same than Cancun, but in a romantic and bohemian ambiance, nightlife in Cozumel is brilliant and sparkling. There are secluded night bars inside a hotel with romantic saxophone music, to hot spots to dance rock, electronic or pop watching the starred dark sky. Each place has its own ambiance, décor and a nice staff that will make your nights in Cozumel unforgettable.