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Isla Mujeres is a very small island (7km long x 1km wide) but this paradise boasts an incredible gastronomic level offering small Mexican restaurants with old town atmosphere, and other with international specialties, like French and Italian. There is a famous bakery downtown to buy delicious bread and of course, being an island, fishermen have created seafood plates such as the famous “tikin-xik” charcoaled fish made with regional species and a rich flavor.

The beautiful and secluded Isla Mujeres, located in the marvelous Mexican Caribbean has become a paradise for cozy and boutique hotels where details are very important and the service will pamper you each day of your stay. In this frame, spas have a very special place offering guests special treatments that mix endemic fruits and flowers with modern techniques of relax and beauty.

Nightlife – Hot Spots
This small paradise has the best fiesta at night with a Caribbean savor in its colored houses downtown. The main streets are home to delicious places to dine or small bars to have fun to any rhythm of music, electronic, Caribbean, salsa, etc. and the Playa Norte restaurant by day becomes in a funny disco right beside the beach. Rich cocktails invite you to join this magic place.