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The Anguilla destination is a small island in the middle of the Caribbean with beautiful clear water beaches. Anguilla attractions and activities are the right retreat for a funny family vacations or maybe a romantic honeymoon enjoying the beautiful sceneries of this small island of the Caribbean Sea.

Anguilla Overview
The 33 beaches o f this beautiful Caribbean Island are an idyllic retreat for tropical vacations. The island boasts a contemporary style that is mixed with the flair of the Caribbean, famous Anguilla hotels offer accommodations for all preferences, there are also cultural activities and delicious food.

Anguilla attractions - Things to do
This Anguilla city guide recommends you varied activities to do in this Anguilla tourist destination located in the Caribbean Islands, where water sports, the sun, the beach, etc are basically the main attractions.

When you travel to Anguilla you will discover that there are many adventure tours to do both in land and sea. In the Anguilla destination, amongst the beach, you also can enjoy the amazing landscapes by hiking or trail walking, adventurous will enjoy the bird watching, horseback riding, biking, and touring the deep small forest.

Anguilla has many family attractions because it is a safe and peaceful place, with the hospitality of its people. The Anguilla city guide recommends you snorkeling for the youngest and scuba diving for the adventurous. Lots of natural attractions are hidden in the forest where you and your family can bird-watch, horseback ride or bike.

Anguilla city guide offers visitors a wide array of romantic corners for the celebration of the honeymoon of your dreams, a very romantic wedding or an incredible anniversary party, while enjoying the beautiful vistas and all kind of activities planned for two.

Swim with Dolphins
Swimming with dolphins is one of the preferred Anguilla attractions and is your opportunity to be close to these fantastic and intelligent marine mammals through interactive programs with them. Swimming with dolphins in Anguilla has become a main attraction in this great tourist destination.

Water Sports
The beautiful 33 beaches in Anguilla invite you to join the adventure in its pristine waters: swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and maybe just sunbath in the sand. Sport fishing excursions will take you to live great experiences in the magical waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Anguilla Visit tips
Find more Anguilla attractions: this retreat for couples, families and singles, offering world class accommodations and a plethora of choices: art galleries, touring museums and historic sites, horseback riding, dancing at night under the stars…
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Anguilla Recommendations
Our Anguilla city guide indicates that the US currency is widely accepted around the island of Anguilla. The prices on food and beverages, in hotels and for activities are regularly expressed in US dollar…
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