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Cancun has a very good gastronomic level, with restaurants of all cuisines awarded by international institutions like the AAA or the famous Michelin Guide. The variety covers all tastes, Thai or Chinese, fast food, Italian, Argentinean, Naturist, Fine Cuts… ambiances also change from place to place, an old Mexican Hacienda or an impressive Hollywood atmosphere, candle lights, or a luxurious gourmet restaurant inside a hotel, where you will feel like a king.

Wow! You are in a shopping paradise. Cancun’s modern shopping malls boast incredible shops and unimaginable articles to take home as a souvenir, or to gift to your beloved ones. Duty free perfumeries and jewelries feature world famous brands while small markets show the best in arts and crafts. Some hotels and shopping malls have planned “shopping tours” which include transportation from one mall to another and after some incredible hours, go back to your hotel and enjoy your purchases.

In Cancun, spas are temples of health, where expert therapists combine natural products, ancient techniques and modern treatments. The Mexican Caribbean is the ideal place for oases of relaxation, offering methods in which professional therapists take advantage of the wisdom of the Hispanic cultures, flowers and fruits and the most modern techniques of health. Holistic, ultramodern or minimalist, spas create magical atmospheres by the use of flowers, bamboo, wood, river stones, gardens and candles of all aromas.

Nightlife – Hot Spots
Cancun is famous by its bewitching nightlife with incredible hi-tech lights discos and music of all kinds. The fiesta starts at the discotheques district, filled with sparkling lights, dance, performances and diversion. Each place offers a different ambiance, so, what is your mood tonight? Choose a Mexican party with mariachi and tequila, or a romantic night aboard a Spanish-styled galleon with delicious lobster dinner.