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The Cayman Islands has its own currency, whose basic unit is the dollar and a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar of CI$1.00 equals US$1.25. The US dollar is accepted throughout the islands.

Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism wants to ensure that all its tourism partners and guests are aware of the new passport requirements. Visit the following page to ensure your access to the country, countries that require visa or countries that does not require visa: www.immigration.gov.ky

You will not be allowed to drink if you are younger than 18 years old, please avoid legal inconveniences.

There is a daily bus service which runs from 6 am until midnight depending on the route and the day of travel. The bus fare also depends on the route and varies between CI$1.50 to CI$3.00 per person. On average a taxi would cost from US$10 to US$25 depending on what part you are going to.