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This Isla Mujeres city guide recommends all visitors to use biodegradable sun lotions in order to take care of the environment. Most of the places use clean water but for safety reasons we recommend you to prefer bottled water.

To Entry
Guests from other countries must bring effective passport, as well as the visa in case your country citizens need it. For more info on the requirements and procedures to obtain the visa, you must contact the Mexico's consular agency in your city or country. Requirements vary according to the country of origin.

Currency – ATM´s
US currency is widely accepted in Isla Mujeres and all the Mexican Caribbean. Usually prices are expressed both, in Mexican pesos and US dollar and the most of the restaurants have bilingual English-Spanish menu. ATMs are in downtown.

It works the same as in the US: a voltage of 110 AC. But bring with you an adaptor/converter that is always helpful.

The nearest airport is the Cancun International Airport, where major airlines have direct flights or connections, and it’s the second most important in the country. Domestic flights connect with the rest of the country.

Cancun International Airport
Carretera Cancun - Chetumal Km 22
Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo
+52 (998) 848-7200

To cross to Isla Mujeres, ferry at Puerto Juárez (Cancun) leaves almost each hour during day. Car ferry is located at Punta Sam.

The best ways to move at Isla Mujeres, due to its small size (1 x 7 km), are the bicycle, mopeds and golf carts, that can be rented everywhere on the island. Taxis also offer cheap and good services. The island also counts with a bus service that crosses the island from one corner to the other.

Tourist Promotion Trust
For more information, contact the Fideicomiso de Promoción Turística de Isla Mujeres (Tourist Promotion Trust)
Av. Rueda Medina No. 130
Phone 52 (998) 877-0307 & 877-0767
Fax 52 (998) 877-0307