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Los Cabos activities are ideal for all family members staying a day or two in this beautiful destination.

San Jose del Cabo Overview

If your want to immerse yourself in the traditional Mexico, San José del Cabo, a picturesque city by the sea in Baja California will be a must for all genuine travelers. Your vacations will be perfect if you are looking for relaxation and learn more about Mexican history, traditions and architecture. You will be surrounded by colonial buildings, the exquisite waters of the Pacific ocean and the friendly people of our country. In Los Cabos (the name of the municipality) you will have history, relaxation, and a cozy chic ambiance.

Downtown: La Plaza and Boulevard Mijares are two places that you must visit as they are representative colorful spots of the city. Downtown's highlight is the church of San Jose located in front of the Central Square surrounded by handcraft stalls especially of huichol art (of indigenous native people).

Beaches: Definitely one of the best attractions of the area, as the city is only one mile far from the sea. The desert geography is always in contrast with the cool sea environment.

Golf: 9 hole spanish arab type golf course with a restaurant, bar and a balcony with beautiful vegetation sights.

Nightlife: San Jose del Cabo es basically to relax, not for an explosive nightlife. You will find bars, or coffee or ice cream shops where you can have nice moments just letting the time go by slowly.

Adventure: Cortés Sea (Mar de Cortés) offers different activities for the adventure travelers. You will enjoy jungle tours, ATV's or horserides, snorkeling and diving. San Jose del Cabo is the ideal place for a nature encounter.

Cacti Mundo: One of the most interesting places to visit. It's a botanical garden where you will admire the variety of cactus in Mexican soil.

Cabo Pulmo: these reefs have the unparallel beauty of an underwater universe. It is located 65 km from San José and its truly a natural masterpiece and one of the three alive reefs in North America.

Estuary: Exclusive natural environment of the region: as it is one of the few places of freshwater it has become a sanctuary for all migratory birds of the region.