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We present you this Cozumel city guide as a brief review of the main Cozumel attractions and activities you can do when you travel to Cozumel, located in the tourist destination known as the Mexican Caribbean, or the State of Quintana Roo.

Cozumel Overview
Mexico has splendid places, and the Island of Cozumel, important port of cruises, is one of them. It boasts incredible flora and mangrove, and the Great Maya Reef crosses the state very close to here, offering awestruck submarine scenes full of coral and fish.

Cozumel attractions - Things to do
Cozumel, as an important tourist destination, blends at the same time natural beauty, excellent services and a big number of activities to be carried away. In this Cozumel city guide you will discover some of them.

Explore the lush green forest aboard a wild ATV or go to visit small but not less impressive Mayan structures at El Cedral and San Gervasio archaeological sites. Cozumel attractions include white powdery beaches and awesome sceneries in land and sea.

Family Vacations
The Mexican Caribbean in general is the ideal retreat for fabulous family vacation. Amongst Cozumel attractions there is a marvelous natural park declared protected area for endemic flora and fauna. It also boasts a saltwater lagoon with tropical fish that will marvel children.

If you travel to Cozumel, you will find spectacular landscapes to have a very romantic wedding or honeymoon, surrounded by the majestic Mexican Caribbean Sea, both in Cozumel or the Mayan Riviera. The wedding planners will take care of all details, such as the outfit, the flowers and even the honeymoon.

Theme Parks
Very close to Cozumel is the Mayan Riviera and you must try to visit the varied theme parks you will find in the Mexican Caribbean. Parks will show you the incredible Mexican cultural heritage full of color, music and fun. Aquariums, eco parks, crocodile or turtle farms, adventure parks…

Swim with Dolphins
Along the Mexican Caribbean you will find enjoyable locations to make your dream come true: a close encounter and swimming with dolphins in its natural home. This is one of the favorite Cozumel attractions for a family vacation.

Water Sports
Cozumel destination has incredible spots for snorkel in beautiful beaches near to the shore. World famous reefs are located in deeper waters, as the great Maya reef runs along the island. Palancar, Chankanaab, Yucab and Colombia, just to mention some of the most famous.

Cozumel Visit tips
Gastronomy, shopping and nightlife are other of the great activities you can enjoy when visiting the Cozumel destination in the Mexican Caribbean. Cozumel shopping malls offer a wide amount of objects, affordable to any budget…
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Cozumel Recommendations
Read our Cozumel city guide where you will find the recommendations to have a great stay in this paradise. Always remember that your sun lotion must be biodegradable, as we need to take care of the environment. Prefer always to drink bottled water for your security…
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