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The Tortola city guide recommends you to enjoy the powdery sand beaches in order to have a splendid tan, but use only biodegradable sun protection to take care about the ecosystem and keep nature safe. Prefer to drink bottled water because is more secure to your health.

To Entry
To entry to Tortola, and to the British Virgin Islands territory, non-British Virgin Islanders must present the valid passport with photo, that is mandatory for everybody as well as granted entry for up to one month, provided that they possess return or ongoing tickets, evidence of the means of support and pre-arranged accommodations during their stay. Also, a visa is required for some countries, so please double check with your migration department.

Currency – ATM´s
The official currency in Tortola is the US dollar. All Major credit cards are accepted throughout the islands but be aware that American Express isn't one of the most popular and only a few establishments accept Amex, but not all. In Tortola there is an ATM machine at West End, Road Town, Cane Garden Bay and East End.

Electricity on the British Virgin Islands is 110 V, alternating at 60Hz, the same than the USA & Canada, and triangular plugs (2 flat blades above a ground pin), so an adaptor will be helpful if you don’t use that kind of plug.

The only major airport of the British Virgin Islands is located in Tortola, the main island. Airlines servicing Tortola and the British Virgin islands are: American Eagle, Caribbean Star, LIAT, Seaborne Airlines, Cape Air, Caribbean Sun and many private charter companies. Be sure to check in at the departures area at least an hour and a half to two hours prior to your departure. Two smaller airports are located on Virgin Gorda and Anegada.
Tortola Beef Island Airport (EIS)
Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport

If you arrive by sea, the port of entry is located in Road Town and the West End on Tortola. All the vessels arriving must clear Customs and Immigration at the tome of arrival. The valid passport and boat registration papers will be required.

Car – Bus - Taxi
Driving is on the left in Tortola and the British Virgin Islands. A valid British Virgin Islands Driving License will be required to drive. The temporary British Virgin Islands Driving License can be obtained for a $10.00 fee, from the Traffic Licensing Office or the Car Rental Agency and you will need to present a valid Driver License from your country. The minimum age to rent a car is 25.

BVI Tourist Board
For more information, contact the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board in Tortola:
DeCastro Street
2nd Floor, AKARA Building
Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands
Phone (284) 494-3134
Fax: (284) 494-3866