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Tortola destination is the main of the British Virgin Islands and its natural surroundings boasts the incredible natural beauty of the Caribbean Islands in land and sea, and it is a paradise for those who love water activities. It is also a famous scuba diving spot.

Tortola Overview
Tortola attractions will enchant you with incredible sceneries, beautiful beaches, and exuberant landscapes. There are many Tortola activities to do here: sports, culture, beautiful and comfortable Tortola hotels and the wonderful blue turquoise waters of the Caribbean Islands.

Tortola attractions - Things to do
When you travel to Tortola you will discover the many Tortola attractions it has to delight visitors. It is a mix of natural beauty, great services. In this Tortola city guide we only mention some, but you will discover more in your next visit.

This Tortola city guide recommends you to join the water tours, fishing, snorkeling or diving to discover coral reefs, open water pinnacles or legend old shipwrecks. Tortola activities in land include horseback riding or rugged mountain peaks. Adventure is a common word in Tortola.

Family Vacations
Tortola family vacations are fun and educative. This sunny destination is ideal for water sports: snorkeling for children or scuba diving for adults. Also, lots of natural and educative Tortola family attractions are waiting in the forest: bird-watch, horseback ride, bike or maybe visit the Folk Museum.

If you travel to Tortola, you will find spectacular landscapes to have a very romantic wedding or honeymoon, surrounded by the majestic Caribbean Sea, in the Tortola famous and almost untouched by man beaches.

Theme Parks – National Parks
This Tortola city guide will take you to Mount Health National Park, the symbol of the sugar plantation era in BVI featuring intact remains of a stone windmill. At the cool slopes of Sage Mountain National Park, traces of the primeval rain forest still can be seen at the high elevations.

Swim with Dolphins
During your vacations in the Tortola destination, you will enjoy one of the great activities that you can make here. Swimming with dolphins has become one of the favorite Tortola attractions and can be done in a fantastic place, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Water Sports
In Tortola destination people say that blue is always a good activity. Incredible snorkel and scuba can be done in beautiful beaches, lagoons and inlets. There is also the chance to surf, windsurf, or watch in awe the bays when parasailing or take a ride aboard a power boat.

Tortola Visit tips
There are more Tortola attractions to visit and enjoy. This small island boasts a number of National Natural Parks here or in the near islands and the trips are short and splendid. Art galleries are a not-to-miss step in your itinerary and there are delicious options to dine out.
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Tortola Recommendations
This Tortola city guide recommends you to enjoy the powdery sand beaches to have a splendid tan, but use only biodegradable sun protection, in order to take care about the ecosystem.
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